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1. To begin with, complete your application online.

2. Instantly call and schedule your phone screen with a recruiter.

3. In the meantime, obtain your Court Purpose Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) from the Department of Motor Vehicles and bring it with you to your scheduled in-person interview.

4. If necessary, obtain an Abstract Inquiry (if you have an Illinois license and have any gaps of 1-60 days on your Driver’s License). The abstract inquiry can only be obtained in person at 17 N. State (Chicago Vehicle Services Department).

5. Start your career with SCR and work for the leading Paratransit provider in Chicago!


Frequently asked Questions regarding obtaining your Motor Vehicle Report (MVR). Please read!

MRV stands for Motor Vehicle Report. Your MVR will confirm your qualifications and safe driving practices. SCR is the choice paratransit transportation company for transporting children of the Chicago Public Schools, the elderly & the disabled. Our number one goal is safety. Safety for our clients and safety for our team.

To ensure optimum safety & elite driver performance, you must meet the qualifying requirements that are in place. Therefore, SCR requires all Drivers, prior to employment, to submit their Court Purpose MVR. SCR requires your Court Purpose MVR because it contains various information about your driving history; all traffic violations are contained on your Illinois driving record such as speeding violations or DUIs; if your driver’s license has ever been suspended, revoked, or canceled, it will show on your record as well.

Unfortunately, the State of Illinois does not offer DMV driving records online. To obtain a copy of your Illinois or Indiana driving record, you must visit the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If you need an Abstract Inquiry because you have a break in your IL driving record, you must obtain the Abstract Inquiry from 17 N. State St. Chicago, IL 60602.

When you appear in person, you’ll be asked for your ID and will have to fill out form DSD DC 164. The fee for an Illinois DMV driving record is $12.00. You will be able to leave with a copy of the form that day.

We already love you; we saw something on your resume that made us want to bring you in for an interview. Your MVR is the most important factor in the hiring decision and without it, no matter how much we want to bring you on board, we will be unable to make a hiring determination.

Even if you think that your MVR is perfect, we have seen so many candidates come in for the interview; we fall in love with them and want to bring them on board ASAP. So they run down and get their MVR, only to come back and find out that they had a violation that disqualified them. We just don’t want to see that happen anymore. Not only does it break our candidate’s hearts, it breaks ours.

If you’re just not sure what is on your MVR, you can try this FREE little trick: ask your Insurance Agent.

Insurance Agents have the ability to look up your motor vehicle report and probably be willing to print you a copy. It may not be a certified copy, but it will let you know the basics. Traffic violations, conviction dates, and accidents will all be available to your insurance agent if they have access to your driver’s license number. If you see anything on your unofficial copy that you are not sure of, you can e-mail it to us and we would be happy to go over it and let you know if we see anything that would potentially disqualify you.

Be sure to check it for errors when you obtain your MVR. Primarily because errors may be present in a number of ways. There could be incorrect points. There may be convictions noted on your abstract that were not convictions. Outdated information could also be on your MVR. Any mistakes can affect your insurance rates. Most important, if you notice any incorrect information on your record, it’s essential you contact the DMV .
How long do Violations Remain on You Driving Record? Click below to find out.
How Long Violations Remain on Your MVR
Length Violations Remain on your MVR

The length violations stay on your MVR depends on the type. Therefore, tickets for speeding will remain on your IL driving record for four to five years, for instance. In addition, if your license was suspended or revoked for any reason, information will be reflected on your record for about seven years. Furthermore, violations related to alcohol or drugs will remain on your Illinois driving record for life.

If you have specific questions about violations and how long they will stay on your record, you should contact your Illinois DMV. Most of all, you may be eligible to reduce the points on your record by completing a defensive driving course.

For Suggested Times to Visit the DMV, click below:

Suggested Times to Visit the DMV

The following suggestions could save you time standing in line.

Shortest Wait Time

  • Before the lunch hour (usually noon)
  • During the middle of the week (Tuesday through Thursday)
  • During the middle of the month

Longest Wait Times

  • During the lunch hour (starting at noon)
  • On the first and last day of the week that the office is open (Monday and Friday for most)
  • During the first or last week of the month
  • On the day before or just following a holiday


With Special Attention to:
  • Staying safe while driving
  • Properly loading and securing our passengers
  • Cleaning our vehicles everyday and;
  • Imploring technology to enhance scheduling, routing and dispatching capabilities


Apply today! Driving jobs are available.

SCR is one of the top paratransit providers in the nation and the largest in the city of Chicago.
  • We are Sensitive to the needs of others and embrace people with warmth, respect, dignity and compassion.

  • We Care about the well-being of others and demonstrate caring through a visible and personalized showing of appreciation and acceptance.

  • We openly and actively Respond to the needs of our customers, our fellow employees and our community.

Full Range of Services and Capabilities

ADA Paratransit

Origin-to-destination transportation with the purpose of serving complementary ADA paratransit.

Mobility Management

Full-service reservations and dispatch control center for providing trip scheduling and real-time trip monitoring services.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Dedicated and non-dedicated transportation provider for public and private institutions seeking reliable services for their customers, patients and/or students

Private Transportation

Individual, private-pay transportation solutions for parties of one up to 30 passengers, which include accessible and non-wheelchair accessible vehicles.


SCR has been succeeding as an industry leader in the field of ADA Paratransit services since 1986, providing transportation to mobility-challenged individuals. It’s the goal of SCR to provide reliable, safe, clean and comfortable transportation to this group of individuals. This type of transportation is essential for connecting passengers to friends, family and medical based services. As a result, we select drivers and staff that wish to help people care for themselves. Our Paratransit Operator’s understand how to effectively and safely transport clients and we are looking for the right people to join our team. 


If you’re looking for a real opportunity to contribute in a company that’s invested in your personal development and a motivated team that is ready to make change, this could be for you. 

Please take a moment to review the job preview video, the job requirements and consider entering into a service career where your efforts really make a difference. It truly is a very rewarding career.


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