Focusing on safety, driver training & passenger care.

Each and every day, we deliver on our promise to provide safe, quality transportation. This is no accident. We have hundreds of employees working together to uphold our high standards of professionalism. To achieve this, our employees go through our intensive SCR CARES training program. The program, along with the attainment of the training certification, illustrates a superior level of distinction in paratransit mobility services, encompassing those qualities that every SCR paratransit professional aspires to – from customer service representatives to drivers and everyone in between – compassion, respect, safety, responsibility, accountability, enthusiasm, dedication, collaboration, and most importantly, a commitment to quality and excellence delivered in the field.

CARES becomes our mantra:
  • Commitment to customer care
  • Accountability for all our actions
  • Responsibility for safety at all times
  • Excellence in everything we do
  • Sensitivity toward every customer and team member

Safety – Going above and beyond

Client and employee safety are of the utmost priority. We've brought together a team of experts who spend their entire day developing and maintaining safety measures within the driving department. We also have a team of driver coordinators who are on stand-by 24/7 to respond to driver emergencies. And, because we have a zero tolerance for unsafe driving, our safety personnel closely monitor on-the-road activity through in-vehicle camera equipment that is automatically triggered by risky driving practices. These practices—along with countless others—add up to one of the highest safety records in the industry.

Driver Training — Redefining professionalism

Our drivers are more than courteous. They are prepared. Each new driver must complete an in-depth, 13-day training program that includes CDL License with Passenger Endorsement, handling of accidents and road emergencies, and the use of road emergency warning equipment. To make sure all drivers are current on the latest practices and regulations, they attend ongoing training sessions and are regularly evaluated.

But safety is only part of the story. Our drivers must learn the courtesies and complexities involved in dealing with the diverse needs' of our passengers. Our Passenger Assistance Training Program provides them unique insights into sensitivity and understanding, and teaches them proper techniques for handling physical, cognitive and behavioral limitations. Through on-site and on-road training, our drivers are able to achieve peak performance in courtesy and safety. Their outstanding capabilities are reflected in the numerous awards and honors that we have received over the years.

Passenger Care — Delivering safety and mobility

SCR provides a vital link to passengers…connecting them to the outside world and services they need. We take exceptional pride in providing outstanding services that make their mobility easier. For example, our drivers know that they have to be more than courteous—they must be prompt and flexible. Schedules change. Severe weather occurs. Traffic backs up. Working in tandem with our dispatch team, our drivers do their best to quickly react so passengers aren't kept waiting. To further assure excellence, our employees receive sensitivity training to help them better understand and address our passengers' needs. Our vehicles are expertly maintained and cleaned. And, we work to continually improve and refine our services. We have received countless letters of appreciation from passengers who notice a positive difference with SCR.
"Our training program is one of the toughest in the industry. We don't take any risks when it comes to the safety of our passengers."
- Sidney Heard,
Corporate Driver Trainer
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