A sparkling reputation for safety and reliability.

Unparalleled safety. Uncompromised reliability. These factors are critical to our success. At SCR, we take tremendous pride in maintaining an enormous fleet that is ever ready to respond to our customers' needs.

Key to our success is our highly experienced maintenance team. These dedicated technicians receive ongoing training on the latest technology and protocols. They are skilled in the unique requirements of conversion vehicles. And, they are rewarded for achieving service excellence. As such, they have the exceptional skills necessary to keep our fleet safely on the road and in compliance with the most stringent government regulations.

Rigorous Maintenance Protocols

We leave nothing to chance. That's why we've established one of the industry's most comprehensive maintenance programs. Every vehicle leaving our facility is thoroughly cleaned and must undergo an extensive check by the driver and a supervisor. Our computer-based Maintenance Management System assures that all vehicles are regularly inspected and properly maintained. And, our Computerized Work Order System allows us to keep meticulous records on each vehicle in order to avoid potential problems and assure manufacturers' warranties. In essence, every step is taken to minimize costs while maximizing performance.
"Our strict preventive maintenance protocols are critical to the success of our operation and the safety of our passengers."
- Delano Northern,
Maintenance Director
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