The flexibility to address every need

Whether your contract provides us with a specific software platform or you'd like us to use one of our current systems, SCR is committed to helping you deliver unparalleled service and performance—no matter what the size of your service area. As your partner, we work closely with you to create paratransit solutions that address your unique and changing requirements.

Scheduling and dispatching software

Using the most advanced scheduling and dispatching software, our highly trained staff is at the top of their game. They can easily register clients according to their disability and transportation needs, quickly calculate trip length and distance for accurate scheduling, and successfully book trips. This software also allows them to determine the most cost-effective way to schedule and route trips; view detailed run itineraries for each service vehicle; update, cancel and reschedule trips; and track cancellations and late arrivals per passenger. It all adds up to better customer service and enhanced productivity.

Volume analysis

Through our proprietary volume analysis program, we've collected, organized and analyzed years of historical trip information. We've sorted it by common days of the week, half hours of the day, categories of travel and types of events. This pertinent data enables us to predict call volume and trip demand on any give day with a very high percentage of accuracy. As such, we can staff accordingly which helps us minimize costs, maximize revenue and assure exceptional service.

Scheduling optimization

As our business expanded, we discovered there wasn't a dispatching program that could keep up with our immense volume. So, we created our own.

Developed in conjunction with TWJ Consulting, our OptiRun technology is an intuitive dispatching/scheduling system capable of packaging as many as 600 runs across a 24-hour time frame. Using this powerful system, we can create a seven-day run schedule that will package shifts according to forecasted revenue hours, vehicle demand and service options. It can also predict drastic service shifts in advance…giving us the agility to quickly react to the upcoming change in demand.

Since OptiRun's inception, SCR has raised productivity at our largest operation in Chicago by .14 passengers per revenue hour, performed approximately .22 points higher than any competitor in the market, and decreased the number of runs from 384 to 319 without any reduction in daily trip demand.
"SCR is well ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. We have all the tools necessary to optimize performance and productivity – regardless of the challenge."
Technical Manager
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