Providing the leadership and vision of SCR.


Pamela M. Rakestraw is Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer

She is a graduate of Northern Illinois University and is a licensed social worker and passenger assistance technician. Her background in social work has been a key factor in building a paratransit company where the drivers clearly understand that caregiving is a major part of their job. She has worked tirelessly with every department in the company to make each and every employee understand that SCR is a company that truly cares about the wellbeing of its passengers. This work has also shown our employees that the company's owners care about them as well thereby building a team atmosphere that none of our competitors can match.

Stan Rakestraw is Executive VP

It is his efforts that have kept SCR at the leading edge in the use of advanced technology dispatch and communications tools to provide high quality, productive service to our clients. His extensive time in dispatch helped him to understand clearly what these high technology tools could do to empower our dispatch staff. Prior to founding SCR Stan worked in a number of senior roles in health care and assisted living where he learned firsthand that there was a chronic need for a dependable, high quality resource for medical transportation, and then he went out and built that resource.
Executive Bios

Justin Rakestraw, VP, Corporate Development

Literally raised in the business, Justin has assumed responsibility for three key roles at SCR. First, his department is responsible for developing the programs used in the selection and training of all new hire employees. Second, he establishes the quality assurance systems that follow up on every service defect reported to the company. Third, he is responsible for internal and external communications. His ongoing participation in the Harvard Business School Executive Program has brought important innovation to the company, including an updating and redesign of the driver recruitment/training systems and the development and roll out of a total driver proficiency program that tracks every aspect of driver performance.

London Rakestraw, VP Corporate Development

London started working at SCR Medical Transportation while earning an MBA in Management from Loyola University and went on to successfully holding a key support role at the White House as Legislative Assistant and Assistant to the House Liaison. London is now back at SCR as Vice President of Corporate Development. His mission is to help the company as it grows into a much larger, more structured corporate entity to retain the family business culture and values, which have been at the core of SCR's rapid growth and success since it was founded in 1986. Beyond helping build the business, London will be in a position to help run SCR with the attention to detail and involvement that is needed in every aspect of its day-to-day activities.

Barry Bland, Assistant GM Operations

As senior field operations executive at SCR, Barry is responsible for building service operations that can support the demand of high performance scheduling and dispatch. Much of Barry's over thirty year career has been spent in large urban operations where success requires a unique combination of experience, motivational skill, clear expectations, precise performance measurement, and effective discipline. His success in his SCR assignment, as well as many others in his career is a powerful testament to his ability to use all of those skills in tough environments.

Vicki Hudson, VP, Finance

Vicki has been responsible for SCR financial operations for 15 years: initially as the company's outside accountant and, since 2009 as the Department Head responsible for all financial operations. She received her accounting degree from DePaul University and began her career in public accounting with Arthur Anderson and company. She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Illinois CPA society. Her broad experience in public accounting has been of immeasurable benefit to SCR in managing the growth of the company's operations and gaining the confidence of our financial support institutions.

Frank Ciccarella, VP, Safety and Training

Frank brings 30 plus years of driver development and transportation safety experience to SCR in his role as VP of Safety and Training. In this role, Frank is responsible for designing and monitoring implementation and performance of safety and risk management programs for SCR locations. He holds multiple certifications for driver development and instructor programs. Frank is on the Board of Directors for the Public Transportation Safety Institute and is the Vice Chairman of the American Transportation Association Bus Safety Committee. Under his guidance, Frank's corporate safety program was awarded the APTA Gold Award: Best Overall Safety Program in America in 2007 during his tenure at First Transit. Frank will be instrumental in ensuring that safety is integrated into daily business practices to achieve exceptional results for SCR.
"When our inauguration day event ended earlier than expected, your team responded from reason not rules, took initiative and exhibited compassion and service."
- James A Reynolds
CEO, Loop Capital
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